October 2006 reading recommendations

Naomi Novick: Her Majesty’s Dragon

Easily the best dragon book I’ve read in years. Naomi has a wonderful voice, and the story is exactly familiar enough to comfortable in and different enough to delight. I loved this book. An easy fun, read. And not easy to put down.

Vernor Vinge: Rainbow’s End

Talk about a futurist’s dream of a book! Vernor packed credible, fascinating near-future world building into every single page of this book. As icing on the cake, he added good characters and an interesting story. Note – this is a book you savor, and think about. It wasn’t a page-turner for me; it was a sheer joy. Even if you don’t regularly read science fiction, if you want to understand a very plausible future this book will help you. I’ve met Vernor a number of times, and he is one of the brightest intellectual lights on this planet. It shows in this book.


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