January 2007 reading recommendations

Beka Cooper, by Tamora Pierce

I’ve been meaning to read Tamora Pierce for some time, and well, you can guess why this title actually made me buy the book. Was I ever glad I did. This is voice. The story, characters, setting, all fine. I would have enjoyed the book, but not necessarily recommended it (I read far more than I recommend) based on those elements alone. But Beka Cooper has such a nice unique character voice. She talked to me. She told me her story.

I couldn’t put it down. I gave up my own writing for a few days to finish this. I passed it on to Toni. She couldn’t put it down. Fabulous, fabulous book. This is a Random House hardback.

Airs Beneath the Moon, by Toby Bishop

This was an entertaining piece of traditional fantasy, full of horses (one of my favorite subjects) that can fly (even better!), and with an engaging heroine, Larkyn Hambly. If you want a fun, easy read that’s well-written and smooth, this is a great choice. Not a new-idea book, not one you won’t be able to put down, but one you will want to keep reading. Kind of like an afternoon with a favorite movie. Out in paperback from Ace Fantasy.


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