January news

Well, the biggest news is getting this new-look website up. I’ll leave my old blogger posts up for awhile. Many thanks to Tony Geer, my website designer. You’ll still be able to find the global warming blog as a separate entity, visit my livejournal for very informal posts, and drop by futurist.com for futurist postings, but this will be my news, reading recommendations, and writing updates/process spot.

I’m getting excited about the debut of THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA, which comes out in March, and I have some fun conventions coming up (Radcon in Eastern Washington in February, and Norwescon in the Seattle area in April). I’ll be doing readings at both of them (Radcon will be the Tor reading) and it looks like I’ll have quite a few panels at both conventions as well.

On the writing front, I have a bunch of short stories itching to pour out, but the focus of most of my spare energy is working on a novel with working title MAYAN DECEMBER, which is a departure from my other three novels, set on Earth, in the near term, and hopefully sort of romantic mystery/thriller sci fi beast. It’s great fun to write, and the pile of related reserach books on the Yucatan and ancient mayans is about three feet high by now.


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