Off to Radcon!

I leave tomorrow for the Radcon convention in Pasco, Washington. That’s in the tri-cities, right around the Hanford nuclear plant (thus the name). I’ll get to visit with a lot of my friends – largely people who live around here but who I’m more likely to get to spend time with at a convention. Strange life – since writer’s write I have very little social life outside of work and conventions and home.

One of the sweet things about this convention is that it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere – the tri-cities area is, of course, somewhere, but since it’s not very close to many big cities, a science fiction convention draws a lot of locals, and a lot of young people. We generally miss both at most Seattle-area conventions. It’s fabulous to see the familiar faces of my friends, but also neat to see new faces.

I’ll get to be on panels for some interesting topics from extrasolar colonies to what interests genre readers, but best of all, I’ll get to play late-night pictionary with people like Jay Lake and Frank Wu.

I’ll try to get at least one entry posted from the convention.

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  1. Damn, seems everyone but me was at Radcon this year!

    I’ll definitely have to make a plan for next year, although I have no idea where Pasco actually is or how to best get there…

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