News: Radcon, Arizona, and the Silver Ship and the Sea

Well, I had no connectivity at Radcon and almost none the following week in Arizona…so this will be a long catch-up.

Radcon was wonderful…a great group of people. The concom there does a wonderful job, and takes excellent care of their pros. I actually got a chunk of writing done as well. And there is something twisted about a science fiction convention at Hanford where the opening ceremonies are about an alcoholic drink dubbed “toxic waste” and some of the security people run around in hazmat suits.

I drove home Sunday and we flew out to Arizona for a four-day trip Monday morning. The highlight of that trip (besides seeing my parents) was getting to stay overnight at the Skywatcher’s Inn. I’m salivating at the idea of setting up a science fiction writer’s weekend there. It’s in the middle of nowhere (as all observatory’s should be), delightfully full of gadgets and science and science fiction books, very retro, and there’s tons of tables to set up and write on. The only catch is I suspect it wouldn’t be for poor writers – the week would probably be 1,000 each or more, especially if we included use of the big telescopes and some time with the local astronomers. But boy, it would be fun!

And best of all for the week, I picked up a box of author’s copies of THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA yesterday. It’s a beautiful book with a breathtaking cover. So now, I guess all I can do is cross my fingers and hope readers like it!


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