Reading Recommendation: Barak Obama, The Audacity of Hope

Who runs the country matters. That’s why I picked up Obama’s book on audiotape. He read it himself, which was an extra bonus….I got emphasis where he would put it.
I liked the book. It’s essenatially a political platform speech in long form, but it was fairly interesting. Senator Obama came off as well-spoken, well-educated, interesting, and thoughtful. If there was a fault to find, it was that he wasn’t really audacious. He seems like a consensus-builder – a moderate who will attempt to forge the compromises we might need to heal some of the red/blue rift.
I recommend the book. I’m not yet endorsing him for President…I’m not sure if he’s the best candidate or not: This was only part of my research. He may be too reasonable to lead as much as necessary on tough issues like global warming and Iraq. I’ll watch for indicators about that as his campaign heats up.
I did enjoy the book, and I think most people would – regardless of political party.


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