Reading Recommendation: Ken Scholes’ “Last Flight of the Goddess”

Ken may be our next Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett. The “Last Flight of the Goddess” was hysterically funny, enjoyable, and touching all at once. Not many writers can pull that off.
Note that’s a slender and expensive hardcover out from Fairwood Press for $22 for which you get about an hour’s read. So you’ve kinda got to be willing to support Ken’s career. The good news is that is addition to being a great read, it’s a pretty book. My bet is that after Ken’s career takes off, it will be a collector’s item.

2 thoughts on “Reading Recommendation: Ken Scholes’ “Last Flight of the Goddess””

  1. Marguerite McAleer

    Hi Ken,
    I was recently in San Diego visiting a client that is also writing a book. I told her all about you and she wants to find out where she can find your book: The last flight of the Goddess. Will it be circulating in any bookstores or can she just order it on-line? Hope you and Jen are doing well. Chris and I just found a home in SE Portland and are very excited about it. Say hi to Jen!


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