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Every once in a while I want a post to get read. So forgive me if you have RSS to more than one of my blogs…
I’m reading the next book in Kim Stanley Robinson’s series on climate change, SIXTY DAYS AND COUNTING. He’s really very, very good. This is a series of fiction books that outlines a possible scenario for climate change. The scary part is that the books talks about many of the things brought up today in a CNN article about the affects of climate change. I know KSR does his homework – I read his series about terraforming Mars and then did a bunch of actual research on terraforming to prepare for writing BUILDING HARLEQUIN’S MOON with Larry Niven. KSR had clearly used the same base research we found (a book by Martin Fogg and a bunch of articles by various people). So it didn’t surprise me to find that his science fiction is mimicking the real world rather well.
I highly recommend the series. In fact, I highly recommend that you either read KSR’s whole trilogy or you read the CNN article and think about it hard, or you do both. 🙂

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