Finishing up Draft 1

I’m on the last run through of what I’ll call the final first draft of MAYAN DECEMBER, which is a different book entirely than the SF books I have out. I can tell I’m really focused on this: I just realized over dinner that I was in our local Borders books, and didn’t even go look to see if they had a copy of THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA, which just came out this week. I regretted that – I do care a lot how SILVER SHIP does, but I just went in got my coffee and hot snickerdoodle (sinful!) and sat and worked on MAYAN DECEMBER. The thought of heading into the stacks never crossed my thoughts (partly because I DO have a pile of “to read” at home.)
One of my writing teachers has a saying that the real marketing job for a writer is to write the next book. I guess I did my job. But wow.
Mind you, now that I’ve realized that, I’m already trying to figure out how to slip by a Barnes and Noble near work and look to see if SILVER SHIP is there tomorrow. So funny.
Maybe it’s also because the sun came out this afternoon. It hasn’t done that much this year. Us northwesterners get addled during the first few nice days of spring.


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