Upcoming Signing/Reading Associated with Norwescon

Norwescon, a local science fiction convention, is next weekend (April 6-7-8). The University Bookstore is doing a multiple-author signing. So far its:

Wednesday, April 4 at 7pm
Norwescon signing with Brenda Cooper, Howard Hendrix, Susan Matthews, Joshua Palmatier, and Patrick Rothfuss. We’re excited to host a book signing for a number of the authors participating in Norwescon, the Northwest’s premiere Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. More authors to be announced, please check back for updates closer to the event date.

Visit the website as the week approaches to find out who else might be there.

If you’re attending the convention, I’ll be part of a group signing in Evergreen 1 and 2 Saturday at 10:00, and a reading at noon on Sunday in Cascade 3. Since that’s not the best reading slot in the world (a lot of people are going home by then), I’ll bring a few copies of books with me for people who show up – so if just a few show, you’ll all get a copy, or else you’ll just have to ask a good question…. 🙂


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