Coming up: A Marathon Weekend

Tonight: signing for SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA at University Bookstore at 7:00 PM if I get there across the 520 that fast 🙂

Tomorrow night: for some reason I must have forgotten to check “no programming” for Thursday night since I got myself set up to drive to Seatac for a one hour panel on writing a novel a year, every year. Funny thing is, I’m doing that and it feel really slow.

Friday -> Sunday, I’ll be at Norwescon, ending with a reading at noon.

The good news is the last first-reader copies of MAYAN DECMEBER are stacked by the front door ready to mail, and I can finally shift to short fiction for a month or two.

People at work have been coming up and congratulating me for the good review in the Seattle Times. It feels really weird, like they must be congratulating someone else, or maybe they are talking to an alter ego that doesn’t come with me to work. It doesn’t feel as strange at conventions or coming from the writing community.


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