Reading Recommendation: The Universe in a Single Atom

My current ipod track is the wonderful book by the Dalai Llama, THE UNIVERSE IN A SINGLE ATOM: THE CONVERGENCE OF SCIENCE AND SPIRTUALITY. Now, I know I was a strange twenty-something, but I read the dialogues between Krisnmurti and David Bohm about then in my life, and loved them. I read “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” I read “The Holographic Universe” and for fun, I re-read my textbook on world religions by Huston Smith more than once.

In this book, the Dalai Llama talks about almost all of these people. Heisenberg. Can you imagine having conversation with almost all of these men? Wow. Luminaries, in my book. I’ve read a lot of the people he talks about, and even understood a few of them…at least a little. I don;t have the math or physics for some of it. But they were all worth reading – people struggling with the most mystifying questions of the world. And here they are, woven together with what seems like one of the most sensible faiths in the world.

The Dalai Llama is open and funny and endearing and curious, and willing to change anything about his spirituality that needs to change in light of observable phenonemena, yet also – rightly – exhorts science to understand that it is not everything.

I’m about half-way through, and I’ve loved hearing this so far. I’ve weeded to it and cleaned to it and walked to it, and it’s been as good for those things as music (that says a lot – I love to sing and walk or dance and weed). Anyway – for the science and spirituality balance geeks out there like me, you’ll like this.


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