Reading Recommendation: The Tenth Circle

Jodi Picault swept me away with her tender and frightening novel, The Tenth Circle. I was so glued to it last night my family kept asking if I was okay, and while I was at work today I wanted to stop and finish the book so badly I kind of knew where it was all day, like a beacon or a pet dog or something else warm and fascinating. I didn’t have time to pick it up but I could tell how many feet I was away from it all the time, and carried it to an offsite meeting in hopes I’d have twenty minutes (I didn’t). I tried to manfacture enough time at lunch to finish it and didn’t. It finally got read while I was waiting for take-out food at a sushi retaurant. The situation in the book is so bad its nearly horror and the people so vivid and real they almost had to exist. Truly powerful fiction. These were characters where I had to know what happened, had to know they were okay. But I didn’t know until the end.


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