Reading Recommendation: Quantico, by Greg Bear

I was in the middle of two assigned reading books (for a group studying bestsellers), but a moment came when I didn’t have either of those books handy, so I picked up Quantico. Well, so, I’m just now starting the number two assigned-reading book, having lost three days of reading time the moment I started in on Greg Bear’s latest book.
Quantico is quite good.
Greg appears to be shifting his career from long-view science fiction like Moving Mars and EON to near-future thrillers. He’s done it well. Quantico is fast, interesting read about near-future bioterrorism. Now, I am a long-term fan. I’ve read and liked almost all of Greg’s work. It’s fun to see him play in slightly different fields, and Quantico may be his best book since the award-winning Darwin’s Children.
Quantico should appeal to a large audience and do well.

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