Off to Hawaii

We fly away tomorrow for a family trip and to watch my son get married. Maybe I’ll get a chance to post a few good pictures. In the meantime, I have made the last few Clarion West parties, and the crop of students this year seems quite bright. The parties are also a great place to catch up with friends from as far away as Vancouver B.C. and Portland. I kept my word and sponsored three writers – and really want to encourage other writers and fans out there to do the same.
On the writing side, I’m dinking with short stories. I put everything that hasn’t sold (and a few new ones) in the mail last weekend, and I’m working on two anthology stories. And waiting. After you finish a book and send it off, there’s a very indeterminate wait period. During that wait, I bounce back and forth between between being very hopeful (sort of day-dreamy) and vaguely depressed in a nail-biting kind of way. I’m hoping Hawaii will be a good distraction.


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