Back from Hawaii

I can’t decide if it’s a writer’s paradise or not. I think I’d get bored if I lived there; we were getting bored after a week and a half. Although I must say that to a girl that grew up in California, a warm ocean was pretty close to the best thing in the world. And better yet, I was on a surfboard in a warm ocean. I didn’t, however, catch any waves. I’d always imagined Hawaii as the land of big waves, and I’m sure it is if you know where to go. But on the beaches we frequented, they were maybe a foot or two.

And of course, even the warm water was no where near as cool as seeing my son and his sweetheart get married on the beach.

This vacation, Hawaii was no good for writing. I did finish one story, although I’d wanted to finish two. But I guess family weddings are understandable big breaks, and I did get a lot of reading in, which is homework for a writer.


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