Review: Chip Delaney Reading at SFM Tonight

Part of my writing process is to hear from other writers. So tonight I went to listen to Chip (Samuel R.) Delaney at the SFM. Listening gave me a number of good reminders:

Be Brave: Chip is a reminder to be brave. To not care if you are submitting experimental writing. To not care if you are gay, or black, or purple with pink polka dots.

Sink into setting: He read four bits from a current book of his, Dark Reflections, and two of them were so damned poetic on description that I wanted him to re-read and re-read them.

Write what you need to: He has so much excellent science fiction he’s been inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. BUt he also writes a lot of other stuff. This is good.

Anyway – it was fun, and well attended, and the last hurrah for this year’s Clarion West readings. And of course, it made me want to run right home and write.


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