Back in the Hunt

July was all short stories and trips to sandy beaches and on late trains. Weddings and anniversaries and anthology stories (a favorite of mine – I like writing to themes). So now it’s finally looking like August will be writing my next novel. Or starting, anyway. At first I chafed at the idea of something different (I loved writing MAYAN DECEMBER, and had been keyed up all through that to start the third novel in the series that started with THE SILVER SHIP IN THE SEA). But in this ever-so-speedy industry, I don’t have any news to act on for either book at the moment. So I’m starting something fun set in a future Seattle that is baking and drowning from climate change, but still boisterous and interesting and multi-national and well-off. It’s a YA or YA/Adult like SILVER SHIP and has to do with two teenagers and thier love of dogs, a grand green building named after the current mayor, and some evil corporations….should use most of my futurist skills. I’m excited about it. It has a working title: THE DOWNBELOW GIRLS.
I haven’t written a word yet – just a short synopsis. And I bought brand new colored pencils and a sketch pad to draw out my building. And since I’m giving a speech to the AIA (Architects) in September, the learning process should double as background research. I have two ugly buildings so far. But I’ll make it pretty before I’m done. One of the best parts about writing science fiction is making worlds. And green buildings. And stressed cities.


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