2007 State of the Future

I just got my copy of the Millenium Project’s 2007 State of the Future. I was a participant in the study this year – which I really felt honored by when I was asked. I’m not quite sure how the invitation found me….maybe via Futurist.com or a board I’m a member of at The LifeBoat Foundation. But I’m quite pleased. The report is good.
It comes in a 97-page book and has a CD with it that has a ton of additional detail.
The executive summary does a nice job of outlining the way progress and peril are both growing. In the opening paragraph, it says, “People around the world are becoming, healthier, wealthier, better educated, more peaceful, and increasingly connected as they are living longer, but at the same time the world is more corrupt, congested, warmer, and increasingly dangerous.” The entire executive summary is available online at the link above, and I think the $49 cover price is worthwhile for anyone who wants to better understand the world. And no, I don’t get any money if you all buy this – hundreds of people particpated. I just think it is worth reading.


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