I’ve had the same question three times in three days

“How do you write books and do your job?”

The answer is not anything real hard to figure out. I can write 750 words (three manuscript pages) in one to two hours if I have any energy at all. 750 words a day adds up – I started the book I’m working on 10 days ago, and now I have 7,500 words. 7,500 words might even be 10% of this particular book, since it’s written as a YA. But even if we guess it’s be more like 90,000 since I always always exceed my wordcount targets, then that’s 120 days for a first draft, or four months. Two more months to a second draft. Two books a year if I want them. In one to two hours a day.
I get that by not watching TV.
So you can do whatever you want to do, right? Books, scrapbooks, dancing, learning a language. A favorite writer of mine, Robert Heinlein, had a favorite character of mine, Jubal Harshaw in “Stranger in a Strange Land,” call the TV something like a stupid babble box. He was right.
Since I’m responsible for two TV stations at work, I will clarify. Commercial TV is a stupid babble box. 🙂 And the way I write books and do my day job, is I don’t watch it.
Except now I have my 750 words in, and I think I’ll go catch the last of High School Musical II with the family


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