Oregon Coast Writer’s Workshops Return

I’m a lifelong student type. I only have a BA as far as formal degrees, but I dip into classess on management and leadership from time for my day job. And for my writing, I try to do at least two to three workshops a year just to keep new ideas and information flowing. Easily the single best writer’s workshop I ever took was a two week class held on the Oregon Coast called the “Master’s Class.” Part craft, part pressure cooker, part business, part game, and almost no part sleep. While I know I can credit Larry Niven with my first sales, I credit this class with most of my knowledge of the publishing industry, and a lot of learning about myself as a writer and about the life and finances of a writer. By the way, the Master’s Class is not for the faint of heart – it busts myths, has no patience with whining, and contains some of the hardest assignments I’ve ever gotten.

Well, the class was “cancelled” for a few years as the instructors needed time to do other things. And it looks like it’s back, or at least coming back soon. If you’re selling, starting to sell, or at least getting personal, “Send more” notes from editors, this is a well worth your time (note – these are not beginners classes – there are better and cheaper choices for those in the “I want to be a writer” stage – these are classes for writers). And my bet is that there will only be a few sessions of the classes offered before the window closes again. Don’t miss it.

Watch Dean Wesley Smith’s Blog for more info.


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