Reading Recommendation: The Alchemist

I got to ride the bus today, which means I finally finished Paulo Coelho’s THE ALCHEMIST. A very fun little spiritual candy read…I thoroughly enjoyed it. It fit right in line with books like TUESDAY’s WITH MORRIE or CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD – the sort of thing it does me good to pick up once or three times a year just for a dollop of perspective.
Anyway, this is all allegory, a story of a young man’s journey, and an easy read that’s probably an hour or two at most in one sitting.
It has a little bit of Christian overtone, but not so much I found it offensive. I actually really enjoyed it.
I also chose a special treat – to hang out in the Seattle Library (the one downtown) for a few hours this afternoon, where I did writerly things like copyediting.

1 thought on “Reading Recommendation: The Alchemist”

  1. stephanie berrellez

    i agree. im of Catholic religion , and it seemed to be not offensiv to my religious point of view. Im 15 years old and i reeally enjoyed it. it gave me a whole new perspective on life and how one should not be afraid to follow what your heart desires and to never quit on yourself because what obstacles you may face would lead you in the right direction. People do learn from their mistakes, you know:)

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