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Apparently SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA was Thanksgiving reading for a few people – I got some compliments on it via email this weekend. That always makes me feel good – a writerly dream is that some stranger will like your work. And then if they do, it’s surprising.

The copyedits for READING THE WIND went out a week or so ago and I have been getting back into THE DOWNBELOW GIRLS – nothing like going from thousands of years into the future to less than twenty. I had to read most of it over again to fall back inside it – which is why it’s tough for me to break away from novels and do short stories. It’s like my head only wants to be in one fantastical world at a time. Not that the regular world isn’t a bit fantastical, too. So maybe I should say my head gets in two of those at once.

We were at the beach for the Thanksgiving weekend, and even though I have no patience for people who say they can only write under ideal circumstances, I have to say it’s nice to get that opportunity from time to time!


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