The Silver Ship and Sea a Best Adult Book for Youth

Booklist puts out an Editor’s Choice list every year, and I was really surprised and pleased to see THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA listed as one of their “Best Adult Books for Youg Adults” list. This was particularly pleasing since it’s a national, broad list, and it was nice to see a science fiction book included – something I would have applauded whether it was my book or not. The list includes some New York Times Bestsellers, too, including NINETEEN MINUTES by Jodi Picault, which I thought was fabulous. I haven’t read the others, but I’ll probably pick up a few of them now.
Anyway, I’m really tickled to be included.

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  1. I must say that “The Silver Ship and the Sea” was one of the greatist book I have ever read. I was recently scanning the library when the pictur of the ship caught my eye. It was probably one of the best science fiction reads I have had in quite some time. The plot was very compelling but unfortunatly the ending leaves you wishing for more. I do hope that there will be a sequal soon, although from experience, I know that writing a book is much harder than many may think.

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