Lazy Indulgences and the Writing Process

Every once in a while, it’s important to take down time. I’m in the school of writer’s who believes a high word count every day matters. I’m using 1,000 words a day for my current book (the third one in the series that starts with The Silver Ship and the Sea). I suppose I should name the series – maybe Fremont’s Children? That was the working title for the first book. Can you name a series after you’ve published a book or two in it? Good question, I guess. But back to the topic: Laziness.

For The Downbelow Girls, I wrote at 750 words a day, mostly since I was just too busy for words – no pun intended. And it was a YA, and could be finished in four months at that pace. The current book will take 6 months even at 1,000 words a day.

But I do believe in a little time off. The sun came out this weekend (it always comes out for one weekend in February in the Pacific Northwest). If the weather is true to pattern in spite of climate change, we may not see the great golden globe directly again until July 5th. So I worked in the garden and walked the golden retriever and soaked up Vitamin D. We all took a great big family nap this afternoon…a laziness.

I’m also switching gears into three short stories I owe, and that I want to get done in the next two weeks, and I needed to get Chelo and Joseph and company out of my head….and the weekend off let the back of my brain move from one world into another.

Just saying. Even if you’re so driven you have to write every day, a day or two off can be a good thing. Especially if the sun’s out.


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