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Earlier, I recommended Hearts of Horses, by Molly Gloss.  We are, in fact, reading it in the writer’s book group which studies best-selling author’s work.  Since I noticed she is touring our area, I went to her reading at the Bellevue Regional Library yesterday.  Molly is one of those writers who evokes a really strong sense of setting and place in her work, which is pretty much a requirement for science fiction.  Even though Hearts of Horses is a historical western, there are things for all of us to learn in her work.  She read quite a bit – two very long scenes.  With some writers, I kind of wish them along the reading part in hopes that the questions will get started.  Not Molly – her reading is delightful to listen to.  Anyway, I was glad I went. 

Of note for the science fiction readers who may be here – Molly has a science fiction book still in print – The Dazzle of Day, by Tor.  It’s also very good. 

It was also strange to be in the audience – I seldom go to readings outside of conventions, where we kind of all expect and hope that we’ll show up to hear each other’s work.  Jay Lake and David Levine and I will all be listening to Ken Scholes, or all to David, or we’ll all be drug into a chorus line (with many others) for Jay’s readings…there will be other audience, usually, but science fiction readings at conventions are kind of among-friends events.  Here, I didn’t want to mention I was writer myself, but just to kind of sit back and enjoy.  I hope that I can be as gracious as Molly! 

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