Hurray for the Elements of Change

I’m pleased with the price of gas.  Change is already happening.  Our Mayor came back from a climate conference where one speaker said the measured particulates in the air are already slightly lower since gas went up.  He said people cheered.  Elementary economics:  Price changes behavior.

Global warming warning signs are coming faster and harder than expected.  Alkaline seas.  Record tornado season (already).  Ice melts.  Perhaps it will get our attention.

We’ve been singing silly ditties that go with YouTube videos all week.  I’ve begun turning to YouTube for training videos for meetings at work, for kid videos about adverbs.  There is always more at my fingertips.  Yeah for the almost-broadband internet.

The political winds in the US are changing.  People always want change in politics but they seem to want it even more than usual right now.  Maybe because of all the other forces mentioned above.

A nice bumper sticker I saw on the way home form a manga-buying trip with the household child.  America flag…in the blue field, the word “Think” and below the flag the words “…it’s patriotic”

This is not a particularly in-depth post, but sometimes I just have to be a little tongue-in-cheek.   I’m working on something to go along with the release of READING THE WIND that I think will be pretty cool. 

Stay tuned.




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