Reading Recommendation: Cry Wolf, by Patricia Briggs

I’m on a long trip.  Hours before I left, I plunked the first draft of a novel into my first reader’s hands.  Then I packed, paid bills, etc., slept, and left.  I made sure to pack some of my backlog – books I’d promised to blurb, a reading assignment for an upcoming workshop I’m attending as a student, etc.  Then I walked in to the Borders at Seatac, actually doing an authorial thing and looking for my books.  I mean, I didn’t need to buy more books.  The stack of books I’ve bought but not yet read is as tall as me.

But I found a new Patricia Briggs.  I really, really need to read the backlog.  It’s a deadline all by itself, never mind the writing deadlines that backed up behind the novels.  A conversation between me-the-responsible and myself went something like:

You have to buy that

I have to read x and y and z – I’m late

You don’t have a choice

I do (foot stamping)

You don’t

I didn’t.  CRY WOLF took about 3 hours to read, and boy did I need those nice enjoyable hours!  There’s no one character quite as strong or compelling as Mercy, but Patricia goes off and explores the werewolves (really nicely), plays with multiple POV, and takes me back to the world I love.   I highly recommend it.  It will get removed from my hand the minute I get home and devoured by others in the household. 



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