World Science Fiction Convention: Denvention

A few people have emailed me and asked me to post my travel schedule.   Conventions for the rest of the year are the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver this week (called Denvention), the World Fantasy Convention in Calgary from October 30th to November 2nd, and Orycon 30, in Portland, from November 21-23.

For any of you who haven’t been, Worldcon is a craziness of activity, a wonderful spot to hang out with fans and writers, and pretty constant activity from early morning through the evening.  In Denver, I can be found at the following places for sure:

Thursday (unknown times) at the Rising Stars reception, and perhaps, a reading

Friday at 10:00 AM giving a reading

Friday at 4:00 PM moderating a panel on the top jobs of 2050 that don’t exist today (expect a futurist post in this space afterwards)

Saturday at 10:00 AM on a panel discussing what the world will be like without children – given the ever-lowering birth rate

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there.


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