“A Book for All Seasons” does a webpage for me, and some futurist ruminations

Heading off tomorrow, on a car trip with my parents along, to a signing at the local independent bookstore in Leavenworth, Washington, “A Book for all Seasons.”

They did a local authors webpage for me:  http://www.abookforallseasons.com/events/#brenda_cooper.  This kind of labor of love just amazes me.  It’s also very nice to be going on a kind of normal two-day trip in the midst of all the bid things — the economy, the election, and all of that.  I also got not one but two queries about speaking on the same day – they usually come once every few months since I don’t really market that side of my skillset hard.  So maybe that’s a good sign!

This is an interesting time to do futurist talks (I have one coming up in two weeks, so I’m thinking about it now).  There’s so much uncertainty that our always-cloudy crystal balls are downright mud-brown.  Even with this weeks lousy general news, I think there is a lot of positive right on the horizon, waiting for us to make a few good choices so we can get there.  That’s no promise that there isn’t also more hard change – there is.  But there’s still some balance in the world. 




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