About Our Space Program

I’ve been researching the moon and the moon landing for a story I’m working on.  Googling the moon landing on YouTube produced NASA video of the event, and video debunking that it ever happened. 

I’m old enough that I actually watched it on TV.   My dad is a rocket scientist, and was associated with the space program in his work for McDonald Douglas’s Space Systems Corporation.  I myself worked for Douglas Aircraft. I’ve been to some of the various museums that have bits of the moon rockets and the Apollo Program in them.  I don’t for a minute doubt that we stepped foot on the moon.

My grown-up son may – he said some things offhand that I discounted until I started thinking about them.   The YouTube videos debunking the landing may be more persuasive to someone his age than the old grainy NASA footage.  I find this profoundly disturbing.




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