Reading Recommendation: Devon Monk’s Magic to the Bone

For those of you who think a good rollicking urban fantasy is preferable to an evening in front of reality TV, have I got a treat for you.  Magic to the Bone creates an alternate, gritty Portland where magic runs under the streets and isn’t – exactly – free.  The quote from the back cover is a good description.  “Using magic meant it used you back.  Forget the fairy-tale, hocus-pocus, wave a wand and bling-o, sparkles and pixie dust crap.  Magic, like booze, sex, and drugs, gave as good as it got.”

Devon provides a new twist and a new voice to urban fantasy, and the book is a grand page turner – the kind of book you wish wasn’t quite so good, so you could just go back to what you’re supposed to do instead of refusing to leave the magical world inside the pages.


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