Getting ready for the Rainforest Writers Village

March 3-8th, I’ll be in the Quinault Rain Forest with about thirty writers, including James Van Pelt, Jack Skillingstead, Louise Marley, Nancy Kress, and the organizer Patrick Swenson.  There are five slots open – so if you want to join us, hurry up!  Pictures from last year are up on the web.

Anyway – I’m quite looking forward to it, and hope I’ll get to start my next novel then – with four days to just be a writer.  I’ll also be teaching two workshops – one on setting and one on character.

4 thoughts on “Getting ready for the Rainforest Writers Village”

  1. Dang – that would be fun to attend. And it would be nice to meet, in person, folks like Jim and Nancy with whom I’ve LJd/emailed.

    Alas, too much writing travel already planned. Maybe next year!

    Have a blast!

    – yeff

  2. Sorry you won’t be there. It will be a fun week. I need the break after the hectic business that work has been lately!

  3. I enjoy this place, and I appreciate all that I have discovered from it. I’ve been pretty shy around here, up to the point of being too afraid to post my own reactions in this forum until now (this book has really altered my perspective). Anyhow, thanks for letting me come in here and get a quick word in.

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