Ken’s Reading a Grand Success

All three of us went out to Third Place Books yesterday for Ken Scholes’ reading of Lamentation.  It’s a very wonderful book, and it was fun to listen to him read it.  Also, as I sat there, I realized that the book could do with more than one read.  I caught a lot of details just hearing the first chapter a second time.  Perhaps this will be as much fun as Dune (Which I’ve read multiple times and have at least three editions of, maybe more).

The reading was full, mostly faces we all knew, like a mini-convention or something.  I think part of it is that so many of us have known Ken for a few years, and it’s lovely to see his writing getting the attention it deserves (and to watch him sweat it out – the whole thing hasn’t yet gone to his head).  Eventually he may be reading at Benroya Hall or Town Hall, and we’ll need to buy tickets. We hope.

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  1. Oh, Brenda,

    The reading sounds like so much fun! We missed Ken’s reading here in the Portland area–and I felt bad because we like to support other writers.

    Don’t you and Ken share a publisher?

    I wanted to tell this website is lovely!

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