Rainforest Writer’s Workshop: Day 1

First, this is a very pretty place.  spring-and-fallSpring is just beginning to touch an ecosystem still shrouded in winter.  Even just this morning, a dusting of snow fell on the far hills across the lake, like white sugar dropped onto the dark green trees.  The picture there shows some swelling new buds, and here and there on the same tree, the first leaves were coming out, still tender and pale.

At the moment, there are about twenty of us in the lodge with our laptops shining in the darkish bar.  Last call has been called, and we are filling our glasses with wine or beer or coke or water or whatever feeds us, and there is much laughter and joking.

So far today, I’ve posted a reading recommendation and written a guest blog entry.  I listened to Jim Van Pelt do a lovely talk about dialogue.  I prepared my talk about setting for tomorrow (he brought handouts, and since I brought a printer, I decided to keep up).  I wrote most of a short series outline for a new trilogy (I had a start on it before I got here and I’m not quite done yet).  I had a rune reading done for me.  I took pictures.  I took notes about the new trilogy. I learned Iwill have a story appearing in the Footprinta anthology from Hadley Rille Books (edited by Eric T. Reynolds and Jay Lake).  I got drug into two work issues (the peril of being connected) but I didn’t stay there. Altogether, a good day.


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