Me on Video, then in Portland

Now that I’m back from the Rainforest Writers retreat, I have two more “shows” in the next two days:

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a video with Glen Hiemstra and a few other folks, which will how up on my website soon.  Think of it as futurist speaking marketing, I guess.  People keep saying they don’t have any sample video of me giving a speech.  This won’t actually quite be that, but I expect they’ll end up able to see me talk, albeit in a smaller setting.  And I get to trim my hair and do my nails…so watch out world!

Tuesday, I’ll be heading to Portland.  I’m planning to leave early to see a friend in Longview and my son in Woodland along the way, and then hopefully catch dinner with some Portland writers, if any are available.  Then I need to be at the Powell’s at Cedar Hills Crossing on Tuesday, March 10th.  The science fiction reading group has read my book, and will talk about it with me there or I’ll talk about it with them there, or both.  I’m looking forward to it.  This is a new thing for me — I’ve never actually been to a book group that has read my book.  And hey – if you’re in the Portland area and have read The Silver Ship and the Sea, feel free to join in – it’s a public event.  Information is on the web.

Then I get to come back and resume my usual wearing of all three hats at once behavior.  🙂


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