Rainforest Writer’s Retreat: Last Day Report

Snow on Lake Quinault
Snow on Lake Quinault

Winter came by last night, this moment when we turn the clocks forward.  I had thought I was done with it, and didn’t want to see any more snow.  But it is so pretty here that I am inclined to forgive winter for hanging on, at least for the moment.

This is an unlikely place for snow at all, much less snow driving so deep and hard that it covers every bit of hanging moss and coats all the branches and mossy green lawns. 
The sky is brilliant blue, with clouds behind that, so I guess we’ll see which season comes in for the rest of the day.
The retreat has been lovely.  There was a long walk, a chess game or two with Nancy Kress (who beat me both times, mostly through my own mistakes), stretching and yoga exercises with Louise Marley.  I finished an outline for a series and almost finished a short story — so I’m going back to try and make that “finished.”
Also, I’m in love with my new little computer.  Yes, I’m a geek and I fall in love with technology.  I do love my family and dogs more, of course.  But this little Sony PS3 is lovely and light.
Back to retreat…..

3 thoughts on “Rainforest Writer’s Retreat: Last Day Report”

  1. Hi Brenda,

    Great photo of the snow!

    Have you seen Patrick’s journal today? He took a lovely photo of you giving your talk yesterday. It’s a really nice shot.

  2. Lovely, lovely photo and your descriptive words take me there. I love your site here and will be back!!!! Such a smart woman you are!

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