New Guest Blog Post at Adventures in SciFi Publishing

How do you do first drafts?  Shaun Farrel over at Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing has posted the second installment in my short guest blog series.  In this one, I talk about my process for spitting out first drafts and ask for comments on how other writers work at this stage.

Also, if you drop by Shaun’s home page on the site, you’ll see a post that must have been tough for him — he’s going to take a hopefully short hiatus from the podcast to handle some other things in life.  I get it – I often feel like I’m doing too many things.  I’ve really enjoyed the podcast and I hope it comes back soon.  In the meantime, if you haven’t heard them all yet, there is plenty of goodness in his backlist.  Take a moment to comment on his post and wish him well.

I’ll post the rest of my series  and cover second draft and final polish in the guest blog series there.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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