Me on Video on (and Amy, and Kanna, and Glen)

I think they came out OK.  Whoever likes how they look on camera?  But I said the right stuff….and since this was first for this kind of sit-down video, I now know not to nod so much and to curl my hair…..

Stolen directly from Glen Hiemstra’s newsletter article:

Video interviews with the team are now available on our website.

You will find my interview with Kanna Hudson on the Millennial Generation; with Amy Frazier on 21st Century Creativity; and two interviews with Brenda Cooper—one on her work as a futurist; the second on how she combines futuring and writing in her award-winning science-fiction novels. Finally, we have a video of Amy interviewing Kanna on Millennials and the Economic Meltdown. The videos were produced by Tim Reha of New Media Synergy.


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