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It looks like I’ll be rather busy during Norwescon!




Creating Emotion-Driven SF/F                               10:00 AM       Cascade 7

Speculative fiction is often called the fiction of ideas, but wonderful ideas will never see print unless they create an emotional impact.  Learn to begin with emotion and then wrap the story around character to affect the reader.

Brenda Cooper, Jeff Soesbe, Alma Alexander, Grá Linnaea, Warren Hammond


Writerly Friendship                                                  Noon               Evergreen 3

What’s it like to start and maintain a friendship with another writer? How about rivalry? Collaboration? What part is played by professional admiration? How about by alcohol? Can only another ink-stained wretch really understand?

Richelle Mead, Donna Barr, Brenda Cooper, Kat Richardson, Mark Henry


Reading:  Brenda Cooper                                        3:30 PM          Cascade 3

Reading the Wind – Science Fiction Novel – Rated G

Brenda Cooper


Future Technology of the Past                                 8:00 PM          Cascade 7

I was told there would be flying cars.  Let’s compare “future tech” from our sci-fi past (food pills, space stations, A.I.s, flying cars) that were supposed to be around in the early 2000’s with the technology that we do have today (cell phones, kindles, GPS…)

Mickey Phoenix, Brenda Cooper, Craig Figley, Brian Oberquell


The Future of the Future                                         9:00 PM          Cascade 7

The future looks different to many of us now than it did just a few years ago. To what degree is the concept of an open, freely-imagined future under attack in our own culture, from either the right or the left? To what degree have larger cultural currents affected the SF portrayal of the future? And how does SF imagine its own future? (Or is it, too, stuck in a cycle of recurrence, of hankering for a restoration of its own Golden Age?) What is the outlook for the future?

Brenda Cooper, Bridget Coila, Elton Elliott






Writing the Young Female Protagonist                  10:00 AM       Evergreen 3

From Podkayne of Mars to Alanna of Tortall, young girls have often been vivid and well-loved characters in science fiction and fantasy. How does one write such a character? If you yourself are not a young girl, how can you get into the mindset to make your character believable?

Brenda Cooper, Alma Alexander, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Dierdre Phoenix, Mike Moscoe


Engineering Solutions for Global Warming           11:00 AM       Evergreen 3

From mirrors in orbit to seeding the seas, how can we engineer our way out of Global Warming?

Russell D. Campbell, Brenda Cooper, Bob Crichton


Autograph Session 2                                                 Noon               Evergreen 1 & 2

Grab your books!  Our Guests of Honor and many of our pros will be available for autographs.

R.A. Salvatore, Geno Salvatore, Todd Lockwood, Alma Alexander, Carol Berg, Paul Chadwick, Brenda Cooper, Jim Glass, Mark Henry, Jak Koke, Lisa Mantchev, Juliana McCorrison, Joshua Palmatier, Kevin Radthorne, The Reverend En Fuego, Mary Rosenblum, Lorelei Shannon, G.Robin Smith, Bruce Taylor, Christine Winters, Janine Ellen Young


Powering the Future                                                 8:00 PM          Evergreen 1

From cold fusion to hot fusion, wind, solar, tidal, etc. How are we going to power our world without overheating the planet?

Pat MacEwen, Brenda Cooper, Russell D. Campbell, Shaharazahd Ehart


Broad Universe reading                                            10:00 PM       Cascade 3 


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