Today’s Tomorrows: First Column now live at Futurismic

I’m really pleased to announce the very first edition of my new column at Futurismic is posted now.   Today’s Tomorrows takes a single topic and looks at through a science and a science fictional lens.

This time, I took on a favorite sfnal trope of mine:  Artificial Intelligence.  As usual, the universe gave me a little daily news to report on the topic — in the column, I talk about Robert Sawyer’s device for waking the Internet up:  a firewall over China.  Today, in the news, there are articles about a firewall over Tienanmen square (on a  side note, it was apparently not very effective – merely annoying).  So maybe the Internet got a soul today, who knows?  I’ve still seen spam today, so I’m doubtful.

But I’d love to have people skim the article and let me know what they think, or leave a comment about their favorite story or book that deals with A.I. (fiction or non-fiction).

2 thoughts on “Today’s Tomorrows: First Column now live at Futurismic”

  1. Ce que j’en pense ? That In my Artistic research, lost in my litlte town, I finally foud Graffutursim on my road. I feel lik home in this movement .thanks for gatherind so many artist under a global spirit. I feel less alone. I’m far from a real professional work, but your guiding light makes a target !

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