Bobcat – as seen from my parent’s deck

p1000778This is the bobcat my mom spotted yesterday.  It was lying in a little safe spot in the ravine right next to my parent’s house, and graciously allowed us to watch it and photograph it from the upper deck for about twenty minutes before it wandered off.  Photo credit to my dad, who had his camera ready.

It saw us; from time to time it looked up and kind of nodded and twitched its short tail.  We apparently did not present a threat.  Smart cat.

The neighborhood birds saw it and screeched at it from a safe distance.  They were very funny.  The rabbits generally remained in hiding although one little guy got pretty close and then froze dead still.  Eventually a bird distracted the cat and the bunny moved, and then the cat moved.

4 thoughts on “Bobcat – as seen from my parent’s deck”

  1. Beautiful shot, Brenda!

    He or she looks quite relaxed.

    I’ve never seen a bobcat in “person.” Where I grew up , we had coyotes, skunks, racoons, and foxes–but nary a bobcat.

  2. That is an amazing view and shot. Two of my sweetest memories are 1. of seeing a bobcat pounce while on my paper route as kid and 2. having a fox sniff my hand as I was drifting between awake and asleep while in the military in Florida.

  3. Where was this shot taken from? I live in the Texas Hill Country and was wondering if it was near here…beautiful cat…wish I could see on in nature like that.

  4. Mesa, Arizona, in a pretty populated place which does lead to empty Indian land a few blocks away. Right by the side of a golf course.

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