2Xcreative: Maid Born of Crone

Kyle Cassidy started it.  Actually, for me, the trail started with a picture of Neil Gaiman’s dog.  I can’t actually find the post that started it all, but it’s probably back there in the history on Neil’s blog.  He has a very pretty dog.  Anyway, the picture of Neil (also pretty) with the pretty dog sent me to the photographer, Kyle Cassidy.  Kyle started 2Xcreative – a pairing of creative people who had never met before from all over the world to commit joint creation.  He gave us all a month.

I got paired with photographer Clint Weathers who does some very cool stuff.   He is the only person I know with a daily phlogiston. Really.  Anyway – check out his site.   And even better, check out what we did together – a marriage of picture, poem and prose.  Look at the picture first, and then think about what it brings up — it’s a lovely shot that gave me about fifty ideas.

Please free to comment on my website or on Clint’s lj (since for some reason my wordpress to lj posts seem to show up uncomentable).  And if you have access to lj (livejournal), the whole 2Xcreative project si worth looking at.  I suspect a google or bing search will turn up a lot of it.

And I was at the Locus Awards where Neil got his award for the Graveyard Book (best YA book), and he wasn’t. That’s the sort of circular thing that happens to writers in the small sf and f community.

So thanks to Kyle, Neil, and Clint.  And no, I’ve never expressly met any of them, except Neil in a crowd once at a con.

3 thoughts on “2Xcreative: Maid Born of Crone”

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  2. “Maiden Born of Crone” is awesome, Brenda! What a wonderful piece and so beautifully executed! I would expect no less, but it’s lovely to see it. Marvelous.

  3. Thanks, Janna! I’m really glad you liked it. It kind of came out whole, but it took a long many days of thought – work has been crazy lately so the story kind of washed around in my brain for awhile before I could get it out.

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