The Images of Creativity

dsc07241This is a very bizarre little image that makes me want to burst out in fantasy story.  The border collie, Sasha, and the household child, Katie,  are framed in the window while I’m outside taking a picture, the flash reflecting back like a star.  It looks like there is greenery inside and outside the window, and our dining room light appears like a UFO in the sky behind me.  The setting appears much more forest-like than it really is.

I’m not pretending this is a great shot – it’s not.  I’m no photographer.  But it plays with reality a little bit, and leaves openings for stories to come through.

But it’s often seeing or hearing something a bit odd in the world that sparks an idea.

Oh – and here’s another one, from the same day — fairy girl and her familiar, with a surreal garden outside (not touched up at all)



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