Montreal, Pre-Anticipation

dsc07326I’ll try to post some every day. My friend Gisele Peterson from Florida met me here yesterday afternoon. We have a roughly thirty-year-old habit of indulging ourselves by meeting in various places neither of us live.  We decided to renew that lovely habit with this year’s Montreal Worldcon.

Here we are at the botannical gardens.  Maybe not the place most people would go on day 1, but the weather was lovely and hey, I had one day in London a few yeasr ago and chose Hyde Park.  I don’t regret either choice.  The gardens were breathtakingly beautiful.  There is a more complete set of pictures available.

We had a fabulous dinner at the Boris Bistro (near the Delta Centre-Ville hotel) where we met two people from Chicago – Liz and (Jerry?) who we liked a lot. It was a great introduction to the friendliness of the con community for Gisele, who has never been to even regional cons (although she has been to many magic cons – you might ask her about that if you see her). 

More tomorrow – I’m tired and need to crawl into bed.  I recommend the gardens and the Boris Bistro (outside garden seating – so perfect for today’s sun.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! We’ll try. I’m snuffly and fighting a cold I want to have gone by the time we atrt the conproper lest I infect fen… 🙂
    Maybe tomorrow night. I have been watching for you, but haven;t see you! R you in the Holiday Inn in Chinatowm?

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