Montreal, a day closer to Anticipation

Basilica at Notre Dame in Montreal
Basilica at Notre Dame in Montreal

First, some observations:

  • The people in Montreal have been VERY friendly.  That said, I wouldn’t want to cross any of them.  Montreal seems to be full of capable,independent, strong people.  I would like them at my back, but never angry with me.
  • Going through Old Town feels  a bit like a miniature version of Paris, all the way through the language.  There are creperies and water and beautiful old churches called the Basilca de Notre Dame.  There are museums littering the landscape.
  • If you need a grocery store, you are out of luck.  The Centre Ville apparently has no need of anything as pedestrian as Nyquil or hamburger helper.
  • WE are arriving.  Gisele and I saw our first anticipation badges today.  We will get ours tomorrow.  The party is about to start.

The highlights of the day were churches.  We did a walking tour from the Lonely Planet travel book (2004 edition) and had guided tours of two churches and a museum.

My feet hurt.

The history is lovely.  I sense some steampunk stories coming on.

More pictures are available.

See many of you here soon!  For the rest of you who I know got in early, I hope you are having fun!  I’m not checking mail much, so tweet if you’re looking for me.

It’s nice to be a day closer to Anticipation.


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