Reading Recommendation: Green, by Jay Lake

This was my worldcon reading book, the one I stayed up for a bit even after stumbling in late to read, and finished on the flight home.  I liked it a lot.  Green is ambitious, with a grand scale story that follows Lake’s protagonist from an early age to a very mature, dangerous young woman.  While I have enjoyed Jay’s other work, Green pulled up a notch for me.  Jay is a stylist, and I’m the kind of reader who prefers that the prose not slow me down.  In Green, it almost never did.  Yet it was still beautifully written.  Jay also drew me in close to his main character and I truly cared about her outcomes. 

Green is worth you time.  It’s a bit too weighty to be a summer beach book, but fast-paced enough that most readers will want to keep flipping pages. 

I’m looking forward to the sequel.  I know it’s done since Jay read from the beginning of it recently at the University Bookstore.

Oh – and as a goofy geek grace note, one of the suggestions that word press comes up with to get “worldcon” right is “Whedon.”


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