Into a new breach: My work on an iphone app

Steampunk Tales #2 is out, and contains a story by me, and a lot of stories by other writers, too.  For $1.99, it’s a good deal.  As far as I know, “Speaker for the Mayans” is the first story of mine that’s been available in the iphone apps store.

Better yet, it’s set in one of my favorite places, and in a new time there for me to work in.  When I was asked if I’d write this story, I knew immediately that I wanted to take my people of infernal gadget creation and great ingenuity to the Yucatan peninsula. So I wandered off and picked up “The Caste War of the Yucatan” by Nelson A Reed, and learned nifty things about a war in the 1850’s that included remnants of the ancient Mayans, Mexicans of Spanish descent, and even American mercenaries and a Texan ship.  I didn’t get quita all of that into the story, but it could actually become a short series….

This is my first steampunk and my first iphone available story.  It was a blast to write.  So I guess now we’ll see how yet another attempt to probe new business models works out (I’ve also published stories on Amazon).

Also, don’t despair if you haven’t switched to AT & T and the iphone yet.  The magazine is now available in multiple electronic formats.


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