We Need Healthcare Reform Now

As a futurist, I’m often asked what I think we should focus on.  I typically say health care, education, broadband, and saving the world (ecology/alternate energy and lifestyle).

We have a good chance at one of them right now. We can do health care better for millions of Americans.  We can help our businesses, our global competitiveness, and our neighbors.

Rather than write my own in-depth article, I want to point to a few of the many persuasive arguments out there right now on this topic.

First, an excellent and personal article by my futurist mentor, Glen Hiemstra.

Another excellent blog by one of the best predictive futurists working today, Mark Anderson.

And last, I’m going to link right over to the White House.   I’m not ashamed to have a President I respect and generally agree with.

Read those?  Good.  The one other piece that I think needs to be implemented is tort reform.  That  is, we need to change the law so that the awards given out for lawsuits against doctors are somewhat less than infinite.  There must be caps.  Actual costs and losses plus up to some magic number like a hundred thousand dollars indexed to inflation.  We do still need the legal system to have a role in health care, but it needs to be balanced against the overall good.  There is some risk in health care.   That needs to be all right with us.

I’m rooting for us.  Let’s get this done.



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