The Academy of New World Historians is Born

logo-with-text.jpgWriters have the best job in the world.  We make stuff up.  We daydream and what we daydream becomes real – as a book or a story or a poem. People read our daydreams, our musings, the things that grow out of our subconscious.

I really did it this time.

It all started with the first line on my first solo book (The Silver Ship and the Sea)…

From the story of Chelo Lee, dated July 17th, year 222, Fremont standard, as brought to The Academy of New World Historians.

It was kind of a throw-off line, a thing to start me on the story and get me in storyteller mode.  And now, with the help of the very able Jeremy Tolbert, The Academy of New World Historians has been born. I’m excited about it.  There’s new fiction there, news, and….well, I hope you go see.

Drop by and send me a comment to say you were there.  If you leave your contact information, I’ll enter you into a drawing and send you the book of your choice from the series.

I’m going to find ways to give away ten books in the next ten weeks, and on November 10th, the day Wings of Creation comes out, I’ll give away a complete hardcover set.  All you need to do is comment from the Academy (which sends me an email – use the contact form), or drop back by here and comment.

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  1. That’s a really spiff site — very nicely done. You and Jeremey deserve kudos for it (and I mean that seriously, since I see so many out there that think they’re cool and useful, and so few actually are).

    I’ll play on the drawing part as well: bdkellmer (at)

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